FEEDER/ABC, Glasgow/22.10.10

You’re playing Glasgow on the 22nd of October. For those you haven’t seen Feeder before, what should they expect?

(Taka Hirose, bass): This tour is mainly for the album Renegades. But we will play all old and new songs from seven albums we’ve released. So, we have quite a big range of songs. It might be a different set every night…

Is Scotland a satisfying place to play in?

Definitely! Whatever reason (with alcohol or genuine Scots personalities?) Scots are always up for a good time…

You’ve played under the name Renegades this year to showcase your new material off the album of the same name. Did you play any of Feeder’s hits, and if not, how refreshing was it not to play them?

We actually played few Feeder songs for ‘Renegades’ tour, though those were non-single songs. It was refreshing for us and hoped it was also for our fans. Once you finished the album recording, you obviously wanna play every song for the fans to see how they like them. We’ve done similar gigs before but those were not like the ones we did last time.  With that ‘Renegades’ tour, we played every songs from the new album even before the album release. It was risky but we all enjoyed it.

If you could show your grandchildren one Feeder song to show how proud you were of the band, what would it be?

It’s a difficult one. Maybe ‘Just The Way I’m Feeling’? It’s got all good and sad memories or past and new life in it.

NME gave the album 2/10 yet Kerrang gave it 4/5. How much attention do you pay to music critics?

You can’t please everyone! NME never gave us any support anyway so I don’t really care. Though, I wouldn’t say every music journalist is bad – it’s only some of them who are sad, failed musicians and quite narrow minded.

How relevant are Feeder in 2010?

We’ve done ‘Renegades’ promo tour and gigs in UK and Japan early this year. After summer festivals, we went back to Japan to do a proper tour and UK and Euro tour starts from this week. We are going to South Africa in November for the festivals. And we’ve been recording between these tours, gigs and festivals…

The band have been active for a number of years. How have you seen the music industry change since you’ve been around and has it changed for the better?

The music industry is not in good shape at all. Some people knew it’d come but probably no-one expected and were ready for this situation to happen so quickly. Less and less people are buying CDs or whole albums. CD shops were shut down. Even if you go to CD shops or supermarkets, you don’t get what you want unless they are new or some old ones stuck in their stock. Some still order the albums they want but most of them can’t be bothered.

When digital music systems and the Internet became so popular and normal, people were saying ‘The door’s open for any bands or musicians!’ It looked like it for a while. But things haven’t changed that much. New bands and musicians and small labels are still struggling while majors are showing their powers. I’m concerned where the industry is going but the only way you’ve got to think is ‘Just get on with it’. Apart from that, people are still coming to see the bands, which is great.



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