Come On Gang!


If you like _ and _, then you will like Come On Gang! Fill in the blanks.

(Mikey Morrison, guitar/vocals): If you like fearless contradictions and songs with a smile, then you will like Come On Gang!

(Sarah Tanat-Jones, vocals/drums) : If you like listening and dancing, you will like Come On Gang!

You’ve just released a free single. Have you got many other plans for upcoming releases?

M: ‘Plans’ is probably too strong a word, but we’re already considering the next release for as soon as possible, yeah.

S: Our album is finished and ready to go, but we won’t be releasing it fully until at least another single comes off it, but it should all be kicking off as soon as we can manage.

Panic At The Disco had an exclamation work in their name, but ditched it. Is yours here to stay?

M: Are Panic At The Disco still going? That’s not a good sign. I just checked out their website and it nearly crashed my f*cking laptop. Anyway, yeah we don’t mess around with punctuation once it’s in place. Spellcheckers are not our friend either.

S: Panic! At the Disco inexplicably put their exclamation mark after the first word of their four-word bandname, which I think would become something of an albatross round one’s neck. Our exclamation however, turns three words into a jolly phrase. So there you go. We think it’s important.

Is Edinburgh’s music scene a bit of a damp squib compared to Glasgow’s?

M: From a band’s perspective I’ve heard Edinburgh’s is a bit closer and more intertwined. But from a fans point of view, no idea. Edinburgh music seems quieter than Glasgow music. But we’re not so quiet.

S: It’s quieter, the same way it’s smaller and more mellow. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t ROCK! At times.

You’ve played at SXSW and Reading/Leeds. What’s next on the hitlist?

M: Next I’d love to get to New York. We’ve had to turn down a few shows there and it would be lovely to actually manage one. Then we should probably release our album at some point too, as we’re really excited about it.

S: Yeah, I’d love to tour America. Or Europe. Just tour in general, which we’re doing now, so that’s great. I’ve got major wanderlust.

Your lead vocalist is also your drummer. Was this a conscious plan, or are the other two guys just really bad singers?

M: I admire your logic, and its a conclusion many have jumped to. No, we just decided that Sarah certainly had the nicest voice, and as soon as we realised she could multitask, we stopped looking for anyone else. I think a lot of bands could benefit from trimming the fat a little.

S: We didn’t decide to do it as a band, it happened quite naturally. I always knew I could sing and play the drums, since I’d done both most of my life and I was always going to do both whenever I joined a band, so that’s what happened.

What makes music more than just notes and melodies – and do you think Come On Gang’s music is more than just notes and melodies?

M: I think its a release – that’s what does it for me. A wee bit of escapism and a wee bit of a diary – in that you can remember where you were when you heard or wrote a particular line. However, all music is just notes and melodies. I wouldn’t trust anybody who claimed theirs was more.

S: Notes and melodies can only go so far, though they are of course vital. You need to inject some soul in there, some of what it is to be human! And something to dance to, of course. I hope we’re succeeding on those counts.

And finally, if you could take only three items of food to a picnic, what would they be?

M: A whole Ardrahan (I’m often a cheesemonger), a homemade banoffee pie and a bottle of rum.

S: Strawberry trifle, ‘cos that’s three different foods in one, which makes it a savvy choice; loads of sandwiches of varying flavours, and a thermos flask of earl grey tea.

Come On Gang! play Ayetunes Vs. Peenko III on Nov. 5 at the Classic Grand in Glasgow, a gig organised by fellow Scottish music bloggers Ayetunes and Peenko.


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