You played in Glasgow on the 19th September. How was it for you?

(Steve Hodson, bass): Playing Glasgow is always great. It’s strange none of us are from there but it feels like a hometown gig. The show was great fun. We’ve never played the Oran Mor before – we’ve always done King Tut’s – so it’s kinda nice to have a bit of a change. We’ve actually got a lighting engineer and a backdrop now…we’ve gone pro, full-time rockers. Glaswegian crowds are always quite boisterous and excitable too – makes for a good atmosphere.

Is Scotland a place you particularly like to visit?

Yeah, one hundred percent. My body hurts a bit afterwards though due to all of the deep fried food.

Your mainman Mike is currently out with Biffy as a touring guitarist. Are you jealous you’re not headlining the type of places they play or is your music more suited for more intimate places?

I’m certainly not jealous of playing big gigs. We’ve played big gigs, like supporting the Smashing Pumpkins at the O2 Arena in London. I personally think an energetic live show is harder to pull off in a large venue. I think our music suits large venues – it’s anthemic and cinematic but I certainly would miss the closeness of small shows.

You’ve just released your new album. Tell us why it is essential listening.

It’s a bit of a mixed bag, as usual. There’s something for everyone on there. Plus, there’s a pair of tits on the cover.

Are Oceansize one of the biggest underground bands in the UK?

I really couldn’t say. We’re probably one of the longest running underground bands. We don’t give up very easily.

Is progressive rock/metal a tag you’re comfortable with?

I sort of get the progressive rock bit, but I’m not really comfortable with the metal part, so no, I guess not. I would just say we’re a rock band. Pigeonholing a band can really do them a disservice. I certainly wouldn’t say a song like ‘It’s My Tail…’ is either prog rock or metal.

Have you felt your creative control diminish or increase the bigger you get?

We have full control of everything we do. We’re very lucky to have a record label who understands and supports our choices. We’re all very opinionated people and we don’t like to be told what to do, so it’s a good job they understand us.

What is the secret ingredient that makes Pringles so addictive?

Errr, I dunno. Wouldn’t be surprised if they were rammed with MSG though.

And finally, you’re good friends with Biffy Clyro. Are you disappointed that their sound has gone more poppy and mainstream, or like a good friend, will you stick by them no matter what?

I’m not disappointed at all. They write great pop songs – something that’s very hard to do.



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