If you like _ and _, then you will like Echofela. Fill in the blanks.

(Adam, guitar): If you like upbeat and catchy music, then you will like Echofela.

(Mack, bass/vocals): Upbeat music that’s easy to sing along to.

(Barry, vocals/guitar): The Script and Jason Mraz.

Why should people take the time to check you out?

B: I feel we have something new to offer the music industry. We all work very hard and listen to what the fans want rather than what’s best for the band. And so far it’s taking us on the route we want to take our music.

A: There’s elements of our own style in every song.

You’re releasing a single called ‘Girls Girls Ladies’. Is Echofela a band of womanisers?

B: Haha, totally not. The song is about a general guy on a night out who likes the attention of woman but isn’t a player – he respects woman. There is a line in the song saying ‘put your hands up fella’s if you believe, put your hands up ladies if you agree’. The meaning behind that is that all guys should treat woman with respect, and hopefully women would agree with this.

The single launch is on October 9 in Glasgow. Is it your best single yet?

B: Well it’s our first single, but I think out of all the songs we have recorded (including the ones on our self released EP), it’s the strongest and as a band we are very happy with the results.

What bands inspire you? I hear a bit of the Barenaked Ladies in there.

B: You have a good ear. There is definitely Barenaked Ladies influence in the music we do, especially when I sing very fast with tongue-twister lyrics. Personally, I listen to artists like Jason Mraz and John Mayer – and a lot of house music – but each band member listens to different styles of music, which works out well in the studio as everybody adds their own signature influence.

Your music seems pretty upbeat – what’s wrong with introspective melancholy?

B: Absolutely nothing. We do have slower/sadder songs – I have actually just finished a new one which has a very big Coldplay feel to it…can’t wait to get it into the studio with the guys.

What’s the name Echofela mean?

B: It was kind of taken from my favourite film ‘Goodfellas’, but me and Mack were joking about with some names and we put the ‘Echo’ infront of ‘Fellas’, and we had that moment we just looked at each other and thought “like it!”. And just to be awkward, we dropped an ‘l’ from the ‘fella’.

And finally, if you were stuck down a Chilean mine but had no way of escaping or rescue, which member of the band would be eaten first?

B: Probably the most unusual question I’ve ever been asked , probably Ross (The drummer) – just shut him up!

A: Mack, as there’s more of him to go around. We could last a lot longer once we get past the gristle.


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