DELAYS/King Tut’s, Glasgow + Tunnels, Aberdeen/10.09.10 + 12.09.10

You’ll be playing Glasgow on October 10 and Aberdeen too. Why should people take their time to come and check you out?

I think it’s where we’re at our best. Our music’s made to be heard live; it’s not shy. The gigs have always felt like their own world, a community, and the energy goes through the roof. It’s just joy for us, and I’ve had some of the best times of my life gigging.

Is Scotland a place you enjoy coming to?

King Tut’s was the first venue we had to travel any real distance to play, supporting The Coral. They let you know if you’re not cutting it and we’ve always been welcomed. The cliché is true – Scottish audiences are more expressive, which is great from the stage because you feed off it. There’s nothing flatter than an audience of crossed arms demanding to be impressed.

When touring, do you prefer playing with local supports or do you like taking bands with you on tour?

We’ve taken friend’s bands on the road before, which makes the travelling easier – I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so much. The benefit of playing with local bands is you get to play to new people, which is what we’re always seeking to do. You also get to hear new music. We’ve come across some great bands whilst touring.

Being called ‘Delays’ – if you’re ever late on stage, do you just put that down to irony?

The policy is, even if you’re late on stage, forget the words, break a string, you just don’t look like you’ve made a mistake. I’ve messed up so often, but I just keep moving and no-one really notices.

Your music seems quite laid-back pop rock. Have you ever had a mosh pit at one of your shows?

I don’t think our music is laid back. Tunes like ‘Lost In A Melody’, ‘Valentine’ and ‘Star Tiger’ are heavy and made for the dance floor. The shows are never sedate – I’m pretty much passing out by the end of each gig.  I wouldn’t want to be playing laid-back gigs.

Is the music industry a good place to work in, or is it filled up with sham, greed and hypocrisy?

I think any industry has elements of sham, greed and hypocrisy within it. Anything that enables us to make music I’m not going to complain too much about. The industry is changing and people are panicking about where it’s going, and we’re in the dark. But when we write or play, that stuff feels so negative in comparison, you just block it. Any time we’ve experienced real negativity we’ve taken it as motivation to defy it. So I’d rather be in the music industry than anywhere else.

And finally, your MySpace says your influences are the Stone Roses, The Verve and Fleetwood Mac. But what bands are you least influenced by?

Maroon 5, Weather Report.


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