Fun Lovin’ Criminals

Fun Lovin’ Criminals
/HMV Picture House, Edinburgh/30.09/10 (rescheduled from 11.09.10)

You’re playing in Edinburgh on September 30.Why should people make the effort to come and check you out?

(Huey Morgan, vocals/guitar): For a good old-fashioned time.

Does Scotland hold many memories for you?

I can wear a kilt in Scotland without people looking at me funny. I have a brown leather kilt that I rock with a Led Zeppelin t-shirt. Back when my wife and I had just started dating she discovered the brown leather kilt in my wardrobe which she mistook for a skirt and asked me ‘honey…what is this?’ with a very worried look on her face!

Reports on the Internet suggest you got conned into buying a Scottish lordship. Has this tainted your view of Bonny Scotland in any way?

I didn’t get conned, my friend; I knew it was a bogus lordship but it dupes other (more gullible) people – mainly Americans! Handy for that occasionally flight upgrade, hah hah!

‘Scooby Snacks’ was quite a big hit and has stood the test of time. Are you worried down the line that you’ll be regarded as a one-song band?

‘Scooby Snacks’ is one of our biggest hits but we’ve got others that people seem to like too, so it’s all good. We’re happy playin’, recording and performing for as long as people want us to.

What current bands are attracting your attention?

I love Carolina Chocolate Drops, they’re a string band from North Carolina.  Also Laura Marling, Late of the Pier and TV On The Radio.

If you had the chance to curate your own three day festival, who would be the three headliners?

Well since this would be a Fun Lovin’ Criminals curated festival it only seems fair to have each band member allocate a headliner for one of the three days and since this is a hypothetical question we’re going to include an artist who isn’t with us anymore. So, my headliner for day one would be the mighty Led Zeppelin, Frank’s headliner for day two would be Prince and Fast’s headliner Bob Marley.

Your music is fairly urban-orientated. Is this a conscious thing or is it purely natural?

We’ve spent most of our lives living in cities so it’s our natural habitat.  If we lived out in a rural area then I’m sure our music would sound very different.

And finally, are all criminals fun loving?

Everyone needs some fun in their lives.


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