Jessica Newell

Jessica Newell/Edinburgh

1. Sam McTrusty (Twin Atlantic) – In The City, Manchester.

I have a bit of a love/hate thing with this photo. I like the shot but can’t help but be annoyed by the graininess due to lack of light. Luckily most people seem to like it anyway. It was taken almost a year ago at Manchester’s Roadhouse. Twin Atlantic are a band I love to go and watch and were the first band to ever give me a photopass back in ’08, for which I’ll always be extremely grateful.

2. Biffy Clyro – Empress Ballroom, Blackpool.

I’d been trying to get a photopass for Biffy for about three or four tours prior to this, so it was a real thrill when I finally got to shoot them, especially as I am a huge fan of the band. I somehow had the entire pit to myself, which was a novelty – as were the bouncy sprung floors of the ballroom when 3000 people jumped up and down in unison.

3. Make Sparks – Macsorleys, Glasgow.

For my final college assignment I did band promo shoots. This was the first shoot and remained my favourite. The band were a lot of fun to work with and they make great music too.

4. Pulled Apart By Horses – Hinterland Festival, Glasgow.

Pulled Apart By Horses
are probably my favourite band to photograph. They are utterly mental and this gig was probably the craziest of theirs I’ve shot. I got wrestled to the floor by their frontman Tom and ended up with James’ guitar around my neck at the end.

5. Carnivores – Detour’s Wee Jaunt, Glasgow.

Detour’s latest Wee Jaunt saw gigs in, amongst other places, a stream, a clothes shop, a forest and over three floors of a staircase at Dixon House. It was an afternoon/evening full of surprises and musical treats as we got taken around the city and further afield on what felt like the best school trip you never had, or Christmas without the anti-climax.

Equipment on all was Canon 5DMKII with the 24-70mm f2.8L lens.

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