zoobizaretta’s album ‘Foam & Leachate’, released 24th September

What on earth does ‘zoobizaretta’ mean?

(Matt Clark, guitar/vocals): zoobizaretta means all things to all men.

You’ve got an album coming out tomorrow. Why should people check it out?

Well, I don’t want to oversell it, but it’s probably the greatest artistic endeavour in the history of the human race.

What’s next after the album? Touring and shows or will you be starting to write the next one?

I think we’re recording again in December, but with a view to what I’m not quite sure.

There’s six people in the band. Who wears the trousers?

There’s seven, although Lynsey is quite small. We all have trousers, but mine demand the most respect.

Do you harbour ambitions to make an impact on the UK music scene or are you happy where you are in the Scottish scene?

I would hate the idea of getting signed and then aggressively marketed. There seems to be an incredible amount of very successful artists around who people buy into just because they get massively over-played on the radio.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if zoobizaretta were giving the orders?

As long as the woodchuck could look him or herself in the eye at the end of a day’s wood chucking and feel confident that they had done their best, then that would be good enough for us.

And finally, ‘Music is life’. Discuss.

Hmm, I think I’ve been pretentious enough for one day, toodle-pip.



One Response to zoobizaretta

  1. annewatson says:

    Matt is my wee cousin and so even though I live in NZ and haven’t as yet heard any of his music, I think he’s great and his band are the best! Anne Watson

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