Tour Wednesday…Cancer Bats

CANCER BATS/Garage, Glasgow/23.09.10

You’re playing Glasgow with Bring Me The Horizon on Thursday night. Why should people come earlier and check you out?

Kids should come super early to not only catch us but to see Tek One who are opening the show too! This whole tour’s going to be such a party that kids are gonna want to maximize their vibes and soak up as much of these shows are they can.

Do you think the side-swept fringed Bring Me The Horizon crowd will take to you?

We’re going to come at these shows so hard and heavy, we’re not even giving them a choice. These shows are going to be so small and packed that we’ll just reach out and force kids to head bang.

Is a Scotland a place you know and love well?

We’ve played Scotland a ton of times and it’s always awesome. Everyone knows how to party way too hard it rules. It just makes us want to go off that much harder and get crazier.

What exactly is a cancer bat? It doesn’t sound very nice.

I always thought of a Cancer Bat as a big white bat that gives you cancer when it bites you. I always pictured it like a bad 80s horror movie.

What mood should a listener be in to receive optimum pleasure when listening to Cancer Bats?

We’ll take any mood. If you’re bummed out, hopefully our record will get you stoked and turn that frown upside down. Or if you’re feeling good and just want to party hopefully our jams will get you ready to rage!

What are your tour bus’s musical guilty pleasures? I bet you drive around listening to a bit of Madonna.

We can get down to lots of different shit. In our van we play anything from MGMT to BIG L to Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Jay-Z to Lil Kim to Lil Wayne to Bjork to Notorious BIG – anything really that’ll keep the party rolling we are down for.

The Daily Dose caught you guys play at the Download Festival this summer and was impressed. As a band, what’s the best thing about playing at a big festival like that?

The best part for us is playing in front of so many new people that have never seen us before. It helps that at Download we had a bunch of our kids up front singing along and getting the pit started. I couldn’t have asked for a better show that day, it blew our minds playing in front of that many people.

And finally, Twitter only lets you speak in 140 characters. Can you divide that by ten and sum up Cancer Bats in only 14 characters?



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