Campfires In Winter


If you like _ and _, you’ll like Campfires In Winter. Fill in the blanks.

(Robert ‘Boab’ Canavan): If you like noise and cream cakes, you’ll like Campfires In Winter.

You’re playing the 13th Note in Glasgow tonight in a The Daily Dose/Define Pop gig. Why should people upstairs eating their food and drinking their continental beer come downstairs and check you out?

Because it’s the first time since last year that we’ll be playing as a full band, back to being loud bastards again. Plus we’re also suitable for vegans.

Your MySpace page looks very minimalist. Is the same as the music?

I always hate going on to really fancy MySpace pages where you have to scroll down for ages before you find the songs, what gigs are coming up and pictures etc, so that’s why there’s not all that much on it – just the essentials really. I can’t say the same about our music – it’s not really minimalist at all. Sometimes a track will turn out a little more stripped-back than others but that’s just down to us recording what we think the track needs rather than us going ‘this one needs to have less on it’ before we record it.

You’re from Croy, which on the outside, sounds like a deathbed of Scottish creativity. Is this the case or is there a buzzing music scene there?

It’s not anywhere near to being as bad a place as people make out. Over the years (and I’m talking about the last 50-60 years and beyond here) there have been many cracking musicians and bands from Croy. There’s no buzzing music scene or anything there though. It does only have a population of a few thousand so that can really be expected, haha.

A lot is being made of the current healthy state of the Scottish music scene. What part have Campfires In Winter played in this?

I don’t know if we’ve played much of a part up to this point but hopefully in the next few months we can generate a wee bit more of a buzz about ourselves. We always try and get along to support bands at a few local gigs every few weeks. There are some fantastic bands in Scotland right now.

What’s your party trick?

Scott does the best Paolo Nutini impression you will ever hear. Paolo Nutini is crap right enough, but this is pretty impressive. Wullie doesn’t really have one but sometimes he’ll chase you around with whatever fluff has collected in his belly button. Doesn’t really count, does it?

And finally, have you ever been camping in winter?

I haven’t, but Wullie has. Made a campfire and everything. How sad.


2 Responses to Campfires In Winter

  1. […] is rather nice and features three bands we’ve showcased here: Kochka, Blue Sky Archives and Campfires In Winter. Also appearing is Jonathan Sebastian Knight of My Cousin I Bid You […]

  2. JAY-MEEE says:

    Publishing note: “wullie was part of this interview but was removed after incoherent statements where unable to be translated from crojan-english.”

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