‘So who bought the dodgy wallpaper?… I knew it.’


If you’re a fan of _ and _, you will like Kochka. Fill in the blanks.

(Markk Donnelly, vocals/guitar): Coffee and Carousels.

Where did you get the name of Kochka from?

From a friend of a friend’s Russian immigrant cat who stalks around Lyon, France wailing obscurities.

Why should people take the time to come and check you out?

Because our blend of Electro-Cabaret-Bolshevik-Folk-Trotskyite-Soul-Klezmer-Rock-HappyBluesPop-Post Surf-Circus Dance-Tribal Screaming will make you dance your feet off or rip your heart out.

What’s your current status? e.g signed to independent label etc.

In an open Relationship. Single and looking.

How hard have you found it to establish yourself in the Scottish music scene?

It is hard but it’s important to keep our music alive by not concerning oursleves too much with the current trends. The Scottish scene is versatile and eclectic and were happy to be part of it.

Why are there two k’s in your name – artistic statement?

Yes, actually. We are massive fans of the life and works of American actor Kevin Kline.

And finally, you’re on Death Row. Who is your last phonecall to?

Kevin Kline. Definitely.


Kochka play the 13th Note in Glasgow on the 9th of September. Organised by onewordPResents, a collaboration between The Daily Dose and Define Pop promotions, the bill also sees previous New Talent Thursdayees Blue Sky Archives, Campfires In Winter and Jonathan Sebastian Knight play too. Tickets are available from the bands, on the door or from Tickets Scotland.


4 Responses to Kochka

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    […] 1. A new video-based online show looking at Scottish music has reared its excitable head. It is called On Red and is fronted by Gareth Goodlad of Glasgow band The Red Show and shot by freelance photographer Michael Gallacher, who The Daily Dose featured as a Photo Friday many moons ago. The first episode features one of our favourite Scottish bands around, Kochka. […]

  4. […] a whole load of up-and-coming Scottish bands, and one of our favourites were Glasgow’s Kochka. Their name means ‘cat’ in Czech (they also have a song called ‘Black Cat’) […]

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