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Sometimes answers for last minute e-mail interviews don’t quite come back in time. This is one. So today, we’ll have a Tour Wednesday…


You’re in playing in Glasgow tonight. Why should people come and check you out?

(Z, vocals/guitars): Because it’s a really fun live show/dance party!  If you wanna see a really energetic old-school rock and roll show this is the place to be.

Does Scotland hold many memories for you or is it just another place on the tour?

We’ve had a few big nights in Glasgow. Last time we were here our friend got mugged and molested by his cabbie when he left our hotel. Also it’s home to our favourite Indian restaurant, Mother India. Definitely not just another place…

Can you describe the band in three words?

Nope. That’s why I wrote a whole record. Buy it in a week when it comes out and come see us tonight and you’ll know all there is to know!

You’re an all-female band. Have you found it difficult to break into the rock market or has it helped you?

I think it’s definitely difficult…People think we’re a gimmick or that we can’t play, but proving them wrong is the best part!

One look at your MySpace and promotional photos and it seems like image and motifs are important to the band. Is this true?

We just want every aspect of our band, lives, and selves to be as artistic as the music. It’s a whole package. We’re just trying to express ourselves in every way we know how.

Is retro a good thing?

Retro is a complicated word….I think it often has negative connotations. We definitely try to touch upon things from the past that we love but also keep it modern (as we do live in modern times)

And finally, your father is seemingly an A&R big cheese. Did this help you get to where you are just now?

My dad hasn’t done A&R for ten years. He also didn’t help us get anywhere. Except for all the times he drove me to band rehearsal…


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