Sacred Betrayal


How would you describe the sound of Sacred Betrayal?

Screamo-y, metal-y, poppy synthcore-y music.

You’ve played at the Download Festival and T in the Park this summer – with Sonisphere and the Underage Festival also on the itinerary. Did you ever expect this to happen?

Never, ever, ever, ever did we expect this! When we entered the Red Bull Bedroom Jam competition, we were ecstatic at even winning the first chart on week one – but winning the festival chart after a further 16 weeks is just insane. It just goes to show how great our fans really are – they got us here!

The Daily Dose saw you play at Download. You played at the same time as Slash did over at the packed mainstage. Did you feel a tad disappointed that your slot was up against such a popular act?

Not at all really – a fair number of people came to see us. But we can’t complain at all when we were given this opportunity for free!

Scotland doesn’t have the greatest record of producing hard rock/metal bands that have gone on to enjoy success in the UK. Are you about to change this?

Definitely! We’ve got our heart set on taking this band somewhere and already have started to establish ourselves recently. You’ll be hearing from us much more often later on…

What’s next for Sacred Betrayal?

Now that would be telling. At the moment we’re keeping our cards close to our chest but will be announcing extremely exciting awesome news very, very soon.

Why should people come to one of your shows?

Music punters that enjoy getting involved in shows will definitely enjoy our shows. We’re very energetic on stage, and full of surprises. Maybe you’ll need to try us out to find out first, eh?

And finally, what is the most sacred way of betraying someone?

Stealing someone’s tent. Ian didn’t quite appreciate having his new six-man tent nicked at T in the Park on the very first day…Sacredly betrayed at TITP.


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