Metal Monday – A Summer Of Riffs, Grunts and Sweat

The summer is usually a time for daffodils and trips to the beach, not slabs of guitar riffage and shouty vocals. But trends are there to be bucked, so we at The Daily Dose decided to look at some of the metal gigs you should check out this summer in Scotland.

Monday 2nd August – Katatonia, Cathouse, Glasgow.

Not to be mixed up with Cerys Matthews and Co., Katatonia are yet another Scandinavian metal band, but they’re one of the better ones. Their doom ‘n’ gloom tendancies however can be overcome on the night by going to the Cathouse nightclub afterwards and listening to some Paramore.

Monday 2nd August – Alice in Chains, 02 Academy, Glasgow.

Those with a slightly more docile nature might enjoy Alice in Chains a little more than scary Scandinavians, so check out the grunge veterans down the road at the 02 Academy instead. Not exactly metal metal, but you get the point.

Thursday 12th August – Kong, Captain’s Rest, Glasgow.

An Oceansize offshot, but don’t be fooled – these guys are pretty damn heavy. And they’ve got masks. But there’s only three of them, so the Slipknot comparisons stop there.

Kong – Do you want salad with that?

Monday 16th August – Sacred Betrayal, Ivory Blacks, Glasgow.

Sacred Betrayal are local boys, but their tour schedule for this summer includes dates at the Download Festival, T in the Park and Sonisphere. Local? More like national, or something.

Thursday 26th August – Limp Bizkit, 02 Academy, Glasgow.

Yep, they’re returning. Rejoice, grab the person next to you and jiggle them. Limp Bizkit are back in Scotland, supported by Twin Atlantic (who are also supporting Blink-182 this summer – a job well done by the booking agent.)


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