T in the Park #4 – We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists/Saturday

You’re playing T in the Park on Saturday. Is Scotland a place you like visiting?

(Chris Cain, bass): Yeah, it’s great. I love Scotland. Glasgow is a place we’ve spent many a day off for whatever fortuitous reason. It’s a great town. Shows up there are always really cool.

Are festivals something you particularly enjoy playing?

Yeah, they are. They’re great. Sonically they’re nowhere near as enjoyable as a club show, for the audience and the band. The sound is usually kinda crappy, but there’s a different thing happening – that’s to do with the number of people and the festive atmosphere. It’s a trade off I guess, but it’s a different type of show.

I see you wrote a song for the England World Cup campaign called ‘Goal! England’?

Yep, and it remains available for a free download at goalengland.co.uk.

Is that the reason why England did so badly?

I think so, we probably cursed it. I think a foreign entity creating an anthem for the English national team was a piece of pretty bad luck.

Scientists have never been so dapper

You’ve had a mini TV series shown on MTV. Is this partnership with MTV you guys selling out or is it just a bit of fun?

Well, I would consider the possibility of it being selling out if our work for them on the comedy stuff translated to any kind of airplay for our videos, but it hasn’t. So if we did sell out, I’m not sure what the payment was. It’s not my impression that MTV gives us favourable treatment as a band – is it because we’ve done some work with them on non-musicial stuff? In fact, I think MTV maybe take us for granted as a band more because in some sense we are employees.

Are they just using you then?

I don’t think they’re using us – I mean we enjoy doing the TV show with them, they make it possible and foot the production bills, and give it a place to show, but I wonder whether they only have a certain appetite for our faces and maybe we’ve used that up with the TV show stuff. I’m just speculating. But one thing I can say with a certain amount of assurance is that I don’t feel that they’ve been particularly gracious with the airtime for videos or anything as a result of having worked with them for TV stuff.

How’s the response to new album ‘Barbara’ been?

I think the fans have really liked it. Let’s see…critics have been on the whole positive, we’ve had a couple of ecstatic reviews and then a lot of just pat on the back, ‘good job’ type reactions. My son really likes it. He’s neither a fan nor a critic, somewhere in between. He’s four so if I can take him to represent all the under 10 year-olds, then that demographic is loving it.

Is that a prime market for you?

Well, they don’t have a lot of spending money, but they do get birthday presents.



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