New Talent Thursday in the Park – LightGuides


You were selected to play the T Break tent at T in the Park. Is there any better honour for an unsigned band in Scotland?

(David Cowan, drums): We are delighted to have been selected. There are a lot of amazing bands that enter the T Break competition and there’s not many slots up for grabs so to be given one feels like a bit of a privilege. We are just really looking forward to playing and enjoying the experience, if you’d like to enjoy it with us we will be on at 9.10pm on the Sunday evening (apologies for the blatant plug!)

Is T in the Park better than Rockness, yeah?

I think both festivals are great in there own ways. T in the Park is amazing because of the copious amounts of well-known bands and artists that play over the weekend, but it’s so huge that you can spend a lot of the time walking between all the stages and the campsite. Rockness has great bands too, but I think its real asset is how compact it is, that and the breathtaking view of Loch Ness behind the main stage. I’d still say T in the Park is better though, Rockness was pretty special this year, but it just made me really look forward to T.

What does LightGuides actually mean?

LightGuides was actually the name of a track we recorded when we were called WeHungYourLeader, we liked the idea of a name-change but wanted the new name to have relevance to our previous work, so we decided on LightGuides.

Who is the most important member of the band?

Me! Ah just kidding, because Mark (guitar/ vocals) and I are brothers and Martin (guitar) has been one of our closest friends since we were just wee bairns, it’s hard to pin-point one member which carries the band. We each have our own personal roles in the band, so I think if anyone left, LightGuides would be no more, which I guess makes us all pretty important.

Lightguides with their number one fan, Ronan Keating

On a scale of a to z – ‘a’ being not very healthy, and ‘z’ being super healthy like a bionic Mr. Motivator – how healthy is the Scottish music scene at the moment?

I’m going to go with T. The unsigned Scottish music scene is booming with a plethora of great bands and artists, and there are a fair number of semi-established bands who have the potential, and who hopefully will, break into the wider UK music scene and beyond. But I’d like to see more Scottish bands and artists being successful outside our own borders and also filling the radio-waves. I think if the Scottish music scene continues to grow and progress as it has over the past couple of years, it’ll hopefully only be a matter of time before this happens.

What’s next for the band?

We have are releasing a split-single with our good friends in Make Sparks (who are also playing the T Break Stage), which we are really looking forward to. The single will be launched at King Tuts on the 22nd of July, followed by a couple of dates around Scotland and a show in London.

And finally, what’s better – overpriced beer at a festival or overpriced beer at in a sweaty music venue?

Overpriced beer at a festival, 100%. I’d prefer drinking some unjustifiably expensive beer in the great outdoors over a little sweaty venue. Then again it is the summer and I’m picturing good weather at the festival, I reckon if this question was posed during the winter-time the little sweaty venue would look quite homely!


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