T in the Park #2 – Frank Turner

Frank Turner/Sunday

If you could name T in the Park, what would the ‘T’ stand for?

Turner, clearly.

Why should people come check you out at the festival?

Because I’m going to present some solid rock ‘n’ roll music that everyone can enjoy.

Does Scotland hold many memories for you?

Yeah, Scotland has always been good to me. Scottish crowds are very loyal. It’s always good to be heading back again – I’ve been around the country a fair bit. I even played a show in Lossiemouth once!

You’ve become a bit of a sensation after Million Dead broke up. Are the other bandmates a bit jealous?

I don’t think so, though I doubt they’d tell me if they were. Some of them I’m not in touch with, so for all I know they might be harbouring jealous assassination plots in seedy bedsits, but I think it’s unlikely.

Frank Turner narrowly misses sitting on a camouflage cat

Is the role of a singer-songwriter where you feel most comfortable?

Yes, for the moment. I’ve learned that life throws you in interesting directions (never thought I’d be doing this 10 years ago) so, um, never say never, but for the time being, I’m very comfortable.

You’ve supported guys like Green Day and The Offspring. Who’s next?

I actually just confirmed an awesome support tour in the USA for the autumn, but I’m not allowed to say who it is yet. Watch this space.

And finally, if you could pick one band on the T in the Park line-up to get over-zealously bottled in typical festival fashion, who would it be?

To paraphrase my mother, if you haven’t got anything nice to throw, don’t throw anything at all. If you don’t like the music, go somewhere else. I don’t think anyone really deserves to be bottled off. Well, maybe N Dubz, but whatever.



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