T in the Park #1: Billy Talent

Billy Talent/Sunday

You’re playing at T in the Park this year. If you could name the festival, what would the T stand for?

(Jon Gallant, bass): TEA

Does Scotland hold a lot of memories for you?

My first tattoo…my wife is Scottish…King Tut’s…Castles…

Why should people take the time at T In The Park to come and check you out?

We’re going to rock!

Who is Billy and is he talented?

Billy was a mute that we went to high school with. He could tap dance like a maniac.

Billy Talent: Showing us why sticking your finger in plug sockets ain’t a good idea

Is Canada a fruitful place for rock music?

Yes, we have a great music scene.

Each of three Billy Talent albums have been named I, II and III. Were you stuck for album title ideas?

Lazy mainly.

Billy Talent has a pretty distinctive sound. How did you end up sounding like that?

We one day gave Ben a Radio Shack mic plugged into a little guitar amp and said…’Sing!’

And finally, bands tend to get asked a lot about what they would have in their festival survival kit. Conversely, what shouldn’t you bring to a festival?

Your Mom.



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