Coheed and Cambria

Coheed and Cambria: Dapper, even when on the farm

Coheed and Cambria/ABC, Glasgow/22.06.10

How’s Scotland been treating you?

Mic Todd (bass): It’s great – and it’s looking like being the best show on the tour so far.

Been here often?

Yeah a bunch of times, been in this venue a few times – I kinda know this area.

I went to one at the Barrowlands a little while ago – just seemed to be a bunch of 14-year-old girls. Is that your target audience?

I don’t know if that’s our target audience, just seems that most concert goers are younger. It ranges, in the States especially – 15/16 to 50.

Is it fair to say you’re emo?

Nah, I don’t see that. Knowing what I think I do of the genre, it just seems like people called us that early on because that’s what they were calling every band in those days – 2001/2002 – every rock band was called emo. I don’t really get it. We’re a rock band, but I don’t think we’re emo.

And are you happy with the band’s progressive tag?

It makes more sense. I wouldn’t really call us prog rock like Yes or Dream Theater or anything, but progressive in the way that Led Zeppelin was – not comparing us to them – but just musically, they have a wide range of songs, different kinds of songs like we do too.

Your bunch of albums tell a sci-fi story. Can you sum up the story in 20 seconds?

Generally it’s something Claudio as the lyricist writes – but it’s basically about two characters, Coheed and Cambria, and what happens after they die – they die early on – and what their children do that ultimately ends up ending the universe. That’s the really rough, brief story.

So is there no emotion and feeling in the lyrics – just a story?

Yeah there is – I mean it all really comes from a personal place for him, he tells it like he’s masking his own experiences and feelings through the characters. But really the songs all come from a personal place and they’re kinda written into the story. It is emotional – as emotional as any songwriter music is.

Are you happy with being sort of in the background of the band?

Yeah I’m comfortable with my role. I play the bass. It is what it is – I don’t resent anything, I like what I do and I wouldn’t want to do anything else in this band.

How’s the whole new drummer thing getting along? [The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Chris Pennie controversially left the band to drum for Coheed and Cambria]

It’s different. I’ve learnt a lot from him – he plays different from how Josh did, but again he has a really strong work ethic and made he made me rethink how I play my instrument. But it’s been great, it’s changed the way we write music, the feel we get when we play live. It’s awesome. 

A lot of people think he was ‘selling out’?

Selling out? You’ve gotta make money to sell out probably. It’s not like he signed up to the band and made a million dollars – we’re still hitting the road like crazy. He wasn’t happy where he was and he’s happier now.

You played at the Download Festival here in the UK last weekend. How was that for you?

Download was alright – it was our first show over here on the tour. Festivals are always a mixed audience of people, so it’s us trying to go in with what we’ve got and hopefully people will dig it.

So when’s the next album coming?

A couple of years probably. We’ll tour this one out for another year. We kinda write along the way so we’ll probably be back in a year, year and a half.

This album is a prequel. What’s next in the story?

Yeah, it’s all about the origins of the characters and it wraps everything up from Claudio’s point. So we don’t really know what we’re gonna do next. But we’ll keep making rock records, one way or another – we just don’t really know what about.


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