Rockness #3 – Alabama 3

Alabama 3

Why should people come and check out Alabama 3 at Rockness?

(Orlando Harrison AKA The Spirt, keyboards): We will give you the psychic armoury and the spritual weaponry to turn your Rockness experience into a force for personal, political and sexual revolution. And we’ll make you dance like a twat.

Contrary to the band’s name, Alabama 3 originate in London. How much Alabama is in the music?

Alabama is to Rock ‘n’ Roll what Mesopotamia was to the written word. All bands originate from there.

Is Scotland a place you enjoy playing in?

Och, aye.

Rockness is pretty far north, but you’ve also played in the wilderness of Shetland. How did the northern crowd take to you?

They were the most mental bunch of bastards we’ve ever played to. Fantastic crowd. Contrary to what you might think, we are a very Celtic band. In fact, we are are often described in the English music press as the biggest bunch of Celts you’re likely to come across.

I’ve read that your live shows are ‘wonderfully outrageous’. Care to describe why they’re wonderfully outrageous?

Ah, that would spoil the surprise, wouldn’t it?

A lot of people will recognise your music on the opening credits of The Sopranos. Do you hate the TV show now?

Hate the Sopranos? It’s the only thing that ever made us any money! Do you hate Santa Claus?

You’ve got a song called ‘Hello…I’m Johnny Cash’. Is he an idol of yours?

He’s our Guardian Angel.

And finally, how’s the best way to enjoy spare time at a festival?

Buy a large, overpriced cloth hat with bells on like a jester and jump around startling young women. Or maybe fill in your tax returns.


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