Rockness #2 – Twin Atlantic

Twin Atlantic

Are you going to put the ‘rock’ into Rockness?

Without a doubt…

Why should people make the effort to come check you out at the

It’s our first show back in the UK after a three month American tour, we want to hear the Scottish roar and…we are the shit.

Who else will you be checking out?

Vampire Weekend, The Strokes, Aphex Twin, Blondie, The Maccabees and our old touring friends, The Xcerts.

There’s a lot of dance music over the weekend. Are you going to
stick out a little bit like a sore thumb?

Absolutely not. When you are a music fan then you are in your element at a festival. I will more than likely have 50 guys on leashes in the tent swinging glow sticks and flags.

Are you a fan of the Highlands?

Certainly am. There’s something about the scenery alone that fills you with a kind of patriotic flow. Probably as I’m a city slicker fool…But I’ve always gone up north with family for days out to go adventuring when I was a kid so I guess I have fond memories from alot of places. It always amazes me how many people don’t truly know or have properly explored their own country before jetting about the world travelling but variety and all that, I suppose. We also have a great relationship with Inverness and have played some of our best shows there at the Ironworks or Hootenannies.

Where’s the furthest north you’ve played in Scotland?

Stornoway. On the mainland, either Forres or Dingwall. Thurso would be amazing, I really want to get a show there this year.

You’ll probably get asked a lot about ‘what would be in your
festival survival kit’ so conversely, what shouldn’t you bring to a

A moany bitch.


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