Blue Sky Archives

‘Gimme my pudding’ 


Where, when and how did you first meet together?

In the wild, under the old oak tree.

If you’re a fan of _ and _ then you’ll like Blue Sky Archives. Fill in the blanks.

American Football (for the soundscapes) and Broken Social Scene (for the ethos).

Your MySpace says you’re made up of members from other bands from the past and present. Is this a Glasgow supergroup?

We never really intended it to be a ‘super group’. Afterall, if our other bands had been so super, we’d still be in them (Ross and Pete excepted, since they’re still keeping the Titus/Holy Mountain fires burning) but we can see why some people might want to listen to the songs to see if it sounds like a car crash of influences. Really, we were just all free at the right time and slowly fell into a band, one by one.

A day out in the park under a Blue Sky or a nice informative day in the Archives?

Blue Sky, definitely. We do our archiving at night and are big fans of frisbees/hacky sack/vitamin D.

How far will this band go?

How long is a piece of string? You can’t ever really say how well or horribly it’s going to go with these things, how long you’ll have good ideas or how long you’ll be able to stand the sight of each other…’till next week, at least.

Who would you say is the most important member in Blue Sky Archives and why?

It would be harsh to pick one person. I think the good thing about us, and the reason we’ve been able to get off the ground so quickly, is that we’re all integral for different things, whether it be the songwriting itself, the production side, designs or what have you. We’re all teeny tiny cogs.

How important is music to you and what role does it play in your life?

If you didn’t like music, it would be pretty silly of you to be in a band. Listening to music and going to gigs as a fan is a big factor in all our day-to-days but making it ourselves means the most. We’ve all been involved in music for so long, whether it be playing or producing or writing about it from the outside, that it’s part of our way of being.

And finally, what is the point in skimmed milk?

One of life’s great questions…maybe there is no point as it doesn’t taste terribly good on its own, but Ross says it’s better for turning into chocolate milk than full fat or semi skimmed and he’s fairly trustworthy on these issues.


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