Uh oh, curfew time soon.

Who? Scordatura Where? Glasgow

Can you sum up Scordatura  in three words?

(Owen, guitar): Heavy, brutal, rapid.

Why should people take the time to check your music out?

I think it’s just a bit different compared to a lot of death metal music coming out right now – if people are into what we’re doing then we’re happy.

Where on earth did your name come from?

It’s Latin for mistuning or altered tuning.

What makes a good metal band? And in your eyes, do you fit the bill?

I think a good metal band should have really good, solid tunes, be tight as a group, gig as much as they can and always be trying to find new ways to promote themselves to as many people as possible. In my eyes we do fit this bill. The material for the upcoming album is, to me, the best we have done so far, and we have always pushed ourselves to be as tight as we can be.

How healthy is the Scottish metal/hard rock scene at the moment?

It’s going good. There are bands such as Cerebral Bore & Man Must Die who are from Scotland and are now touring all over the world, but that is down to the fact that they put in the time and effort and got where they are today through their own hard work. I think the Scottish metal scene is good but I think that people really need to start supporting bands and going to gigs more.

What encouraged you to start listening to metal/hardcore in the first place?

I started listening to Metallica when I was about 14, then got into Death, Decapitated and Cannibal Corpse and it just went from there!

Why are death metal band logos so hard to read?

Think it’s just part of the package with death metal. I think the Scordatura logo is quite clear though, compared to some bands.

We spoke to Cerebral Bore a few weeks ago, whose summer tour internary is full of European dates. Do you have European dates in the pipeline?

Not right now, but we’re trying to tour anywhere outside of Scotland next year once the album is done to try promote it as much as we can!

What’s best – rhythm guitar riffage or finger shredding soloing?

Rhythm riffage definately.

And finally, banana or strawberry milkshake?

Strawberry, no sure about the rest of them though!

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