Stag & Dagger #6 – Jessica Hoop

Who? Jessica Hoop Where? Stereo

Why should people take the time to come check you out at the Glasgow Stag & Dagger?

People should do what suits them and only what suits them. Listen to the music and go from there.

How are you different to the seemingly large number of female singer-songwriters around?

You tell me. I am not one to compete or to self examine. Listen to the music. Decide for yourself.

Will you be sticking around to check out some out of the other acts playing at the event?

Yes I dare say I will. I always hope to be inspired.

Have you been to Scotland many times before and if so, have they been worthwhile visits?

I love Scotland. I have enjoyed Edinburgh and Glasgow a few times before. I had a great meal in Edinburgh.

Tom Waits said your music is like ‘swimming in a lake at night’. You also were a nanny for his children too. Is he someone you look up to?

Yes indeed. He and his wife. They have made wonders of a life. True dream weavers.

Your MySpace says ‘say no to fast food and junk food music’. Do you think today’s music industry is over saturated with junk food music?

Of course it is. It is filled with absolute crap. It is harder for a kid these days to find quality pop. One wouldn’t know the difference if one wasn’t presented with one. It’s all redundant. Thank goodness for radio 6 and the internet where we can go to listen in on the broader world of music.

Junk food can be tasty sometimes though, right?

Yes…and ignorance is bliss.


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