Stag & Dagger #5 – fun.

Who? fun. Where? Vic Bar

Why should people come check you out at the Glasgow Stag & Dagger?

Well I’d hope every band would say this, but we will absolutely try to put on a show people will remember forever.

How would you describe fun.’s music in three words?

Decadent, pulchritudinous, comfortable.

Your name is a bit presumptuous. What if people don’t think you’re any fun?

We actually didn’t mean to imply that our music is any fun, or that we’re any fun as people. It can be taken sarcastically.

You’re at the end of a tour with Paramore in the States. How did you go down in what presumably was a sea of teenage girls with orange hair?

Actually the crowds were very accepting! It’s been amazing to play these shows, and so much fun to meet everybody in the Paramore and Relient K camps.

Does Scotland mean much to you?

Absolutely. I’ve never been there, and I can’t wait to explore.

Will you partake in some deep-fried Mars Bars – Scotland‘s alleged delicacy?

I wasn’t aware of this, but now that I know, yes.


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