Stag & Dagger #4 – Kong

Who? Kong Where? Nice ‘n’ Sleazy

Why should people come to check you at Nice ‘n’ Sleazy at the Glasgow Stag & Dagger?

Magpie (lead vocals/guitar): Well, we’re the sexiest mother fuckers in town that night for sure. Plus, they do a mean burrito at Sleazy’s ! Last time I ordered one they drew a cock ‘n’ balls in hot sauce on my plate…

Are you going to be the heaviest band across the whole line-up?

Nah, Lulu lost a load of weight in Europe as he ate steak tartar in France…idiot! I stuck to Burger king!

Will we see King Kong at the show?

I fookin hope not. He would steal all the chicks. Just imagine the size of his balls!

Kong is a bit of an Oceansize side project. What similarities are there between the two bands?

Not much these days. You certainly won’t get any World Of Warcraft fans at our show…

You’re usually seen wearing masks. Is this an artistic statement or just because you might be a little bit ugly?

A mask is a route to the truth…and the truth is we’re too good looking for you to see us! The wives of many men would flock to fondle the love spuds we carry around in our red banana hammocks.

Joking aside, is Scotland a place you know and love well?

Yes and Glasgow especially! We started this band in Scotland and it has provided us with nothing but great parties, bad pills, decent zoot and the most amazing and sexy new friends.

Who’s better – Robert Burns or William Shakespeare?

They’re both dead, wore the worst threads ever and their barnets were disgusting…so neither. Scotland is our second home though so if I had to pick I’d go for the Scot every time. Come get your baws dirty boys and girls!


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