Stag & Dagger #3 – Copy Haho

Who? Copy Haho Where? Captain’s Rest

How will you ensure people coming to see you at Stag & Dagger will have a good time?

Richard Scott: It’ll be a politics-free zone, for a start. We’ll also use violence.

Who else do you recommend people go check out?

Unless they’re playing at the same time as us (in which case I recommend you go see…us), I’d go see;

Titus Andronicus,
Sky Larkin,
Gold Panda
and Islet

You’re from Stonehaven – it doesn’t seem like the most rock ‘n’ roll of towns. Were you outcasts?

Nope – we got drunk at parties, kissed girls and participated in muck up day like everyone else.

You recently zoomed about Europe with Los Campesinos! How did Europe take to the sounds of Copy Haho and were smelly socks a prime issue during your time on the bus?

The Europeans were, apart from one receptionist at a hotel in Munich, incredibly warm and welcoming. The audiences were all great. It was a success! I think Rikki might’ve run out of socks towards the end, so it wasn’t an issue at all – nakedness and silliness – those were certainly issues.

Will the Scottish bands at this year’s Stag & Dagger put up a good fight against all the touring bands?

I don’t think we’re really into that nationalism in music thing – there’s a good amount of good Scottish bands playing (who are also touring bands…) and a good amount of non-Scottish bands playing, too!

What’s better to meet on a drunken night? A stag or a dagger?

I’d like to meet a dagger on its Stag do.

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  1. […] Copy Haho (and no bias there, they are one of the best new Scottish bands around at the moment). Moon Unit were great supporting Mogwai last week. I’ve been hearing very good things about Milk, Bwani Junction and Midnight Lion. I’m seeing Fox Gut Daata next weekend at the Dam Mantle EP launch – what I have heard so far is really exciting. […]

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