Stag & Dagger #2 – Bridezilla

Who? Bridezilla Where? Nice ‘n’ Sleazy

Why should the Stag & Dagger crowd come and check you out?

Holiday Sidewinder (vocals, guitar): Because we might be good.

How will you be trying to capture the attention of people who are in the venue but who have never heard you before?

Hopefully it won’t be that hard a task, but we shall do our best to entertain. Glitter and doom.

Will you be sticking around for any other bands? If so, who?

Yes indeed. Sleigh Bells, A Place to Bury Strangers, and then some…

You’re from Australia – is it tough work coming all the way over to the UK to play shows, or is it good ol’ fun?

The latter, of course. Australia is where it’s tough work.

Does Scotland mean much to you?

It means the world! It bore and raised our brilliant manager (who was married at Nice ‘n’ Sleazy, coincidentally), we have ancestry and relatives, and Stuart Anderson’s version of ‘Donald Where’s Yer Troosers?’ is a personal favourite of mine.

Bridezilla is a name that has rather odd connotations. Where did the name come from?

My grandfather. He watches a lot of late-night cable. I wouldn’t look too far in to it.

And finally, who would you rather have as an accomplice in a duel – a raging stag or a sharp dagger?

A sharp and shiny dagger. Much more brutal.


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