Stag & Dagger #1 – We Were Promised Jetpacks

Who? We Were Promised Jetpacks Where? ABC1

You’re playing at ABC1 at Stag & Dagger – pretty much the biggest gig there. Will it be a happy moment for all concerned?

Yes. It’s nice to be asked. We’ve been touring pretty hard and this kind of feels like a nice reward.

Why should people make the effort to come over from the other side of town to check you out?

Because the Polar Bar in ABC has that photo booth thing where they put up the photos of drunk people on Facebook.

You’re originally from Edinburgh – are you jealous that Glasgow manages to get events like Stag & Dagger, and Edinburgh often misses out?

Nope. I don’t support either Edinburgh or Glasgow.

After the event, you’ll be off to America, Canada, mainland Europe…is travelling across continents with the band a dream come true? Or do you dream of bigger things?

We really never expected to be playing the places we are playing. I mean we didn’t even think it was remotely possible that we’d be touring all over the place. I do dream of being big enough to have some people set up my amp, pedals and guitar etc. I hate that part. Unplugging all those little leads all the time. And to maybe get those individual podiums that Muse have.

The country now is now ruled by a coalition government. If We Were Promised Jetpacks could rule the UK with another band, who would it be and why?

Oooh, topical. The Proclaimers. They are experienced and there is only two of them so it would be easier to persuade/batter them into getting our own way.


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