When, where and how did you guys first meet?

(Ross McLaren, guitar): Well myself, Kerzo and Paul were in previous bands together and decided after a while out that we wanted to start fresh. Marc worked with Paul and we knew him through playing with his previous band and felt it was only natural to ask him to jump behind the kit. Jen and I went to school together, but I never knew she could sing until we started a band together in which she played guitar – as soon as I heard her sing I knew she was the one.

If you’re a fan of _ and _ then you will like Rinoa!Rinoa!. Fill in the blanks.

Cheesecake (chocolate!) and immature antics.

There’s lots of great emerging bands in Scotland at the moment. How are you different than the rest?

We feel our sound is something new. Jen’s vocals add a new dynamic that seems different to anything I’ve heard, all our songs are based on everyday life that anyone can relate to, plus our antics…well you can see for yourselves in the new video we’ll be putting up on YouTube soon!

Your MySpace bio says that you’re busting the stereotype that all female bands sound like Paramore. What female fronted band do you sound like?

I wouldn’t really say we sound like any female fronted band I’ve heard to be honest. Ok yeah, we do have a girl singer, buts Jen’s voice is like nothing I’ve heard. It’s a big statement saying you’re unique, but when it comes to the vocals I would say it was pretty unique. Obviously our music in general can be compared to other bands. Throughout our time you can see which bands have influenced our playing, but vocal-wise I’d say we had something new.

What on earth does Rinoa!Rinoa! mean?

Rinoa is actually the name of a female character out of Final Fantasy (not sure which one). It was actually Marc who came up with it after spending four practices trying to come up with something – you should’ve heard some of the other names that were floating about. I would say… but I feel it would be a little inappropriate.

Why should people come to your shows?

The energy we put into our gigs is astronomical! We always put everything we can into the shows. Nothing EVER goes to plan when we play, but we somehow pull it off. Plus we have our first headline show on the 28th of May at the O2 Academy 2 and it is gonna be EPIC!

When’s the next release due to land?

Our debut single, ‘Liberi Fatali’, has just been released on iTunes, Spotify and loads more, but we’re already planning our new release which should come in the form of an E.P. or mini album which should be ready to hit the online stores around November/December.

What does music mean to you?

Music is a way to release the tension and stress we build up in everyday life. Plus we just love what we’re doing so much that we don’t want it to stop!

If you were featured in a naked calendar, what month would you choose to be and why?

Wait a sec…is this as a group or individually? As a group? Hmm…well…I think May as that’s when the band’s birthday is, though maybe August as its slightly warmer. Plus, three fifths of Rinoa!Rinoa! were born then, so I think either of those two… can I just ask though, can I be hidden behind the others?

And finally, pink wafers or jammy dodgers?

Jammy dodgers all the way! Come on, they’re a biscuit that has JAM! They’re almost on a level with cheesecake… but not quite there.



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