iwrestledabearonce/Ivory Blacks, Glasgow/11.05.10

You’re playing in Glasgow on Wednesday night. What should the crowd expect and will they get their money’s worth?

(Steven Bradley, lead guitar/keyboards/samples/programming): They should expect an onslaught of pure metal br00tality…and leather…and corpse paint…and…and…br00talness!

Does Scotland hold many memories for you or is it just another stop-off on the tour?

Scotland fucking rules. My parents moved to America from Northern Ireland and my family is of Scottish decent before that…so, fuck yeah. Last time we played there the show was awesome and we met and drank with tons of super cool people. Also Krysta has family there we raged with…and then we went out late to a dance club and absolutely destroyed the place and ended up getting asked to leave. So yeah…Glasgow and Scotland in general is amazing.

You’re due to embark on the Warped tour this summer. Have Iwrestledabearonce just sold out?

Of course…expect some Vocoder and matching outfits and all of us to get way more tattoos, etc. Selling out feels great!

Do you have a big rider on tour and if so, do your support bands get jealous of all your swag?

Not at all! Our rider literally consists of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and Sailor Jerry whiskey. That’s it. And 99% of the time we don’t even get that.

Your music spans a whole load of styles, from the obscenely brutal to strung-out jazz ditties. Care to pigeonhole yourself into a genre?

I’d say pop-punk…

Who are the band’s most played songs on the tour bus?

If by tour bus you mean VAN…lots of terrible dance music…and awesome dance music…and 80s rock jams. We’re all completely burnt out on listening to heavy music when we’re not at shows!

Have you really wrestled a bear once?


What animal would you really rather not face in a wrestling head-to-head?

A koala…I hear they are vicious and will rip your dick off.

You have a song called ‘Tastes Like Kevin Bacon’. What does Kevin Bacon taste like?

Sweet victory.

Finally, the UK is in the midst of election fever as the country picks their new Prime Minister. If you could choose one person to be your American President, who would it be?

Gary Busey.



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