Kids In Glass Houses

Kids In Glass Houses/Garage, Glasgow/07.05.10

You’re playing at the Glasgow Garage on Friday night. What should the crowd expect and will they get their money’s worth?

(Joel Fisher, guitar): Well, firstly, Glasgow is always one of the best shows on tour. Secondly, it’s a Friday night, and you Scottish folk sure do like to party, as do we, so I’d say you can expect just that. It’s going to be a hoot. We can’t wait.

Coming from Wales, do you feel a particular bond with smaller countries like Scotland?  Or is it just a mutual love of the sheep?

Not really, but the countryside is very similar! We all love Scotland. Just not as much as we love Wales!

Does Scotland hold many memories for you or is it just another stop-off on the tour?

It definitely holds a lot of memories for us. We’ve played there more times than we can count with our fingers, and all have been off the chain. King Tut’s, The Barfly, The Garage, QMU, Barrowlands, The Academy…you’ve shown us a good time!

How long do you think Kids In Glass Houses’ shelf life will be, or is it something you don’t think about?

We definitely think about it – that’s why we always strive to perform our best at every show, to take our time writing and make sure we only put out the absolute best. We’re our own biggest critics, and if that doesn’t give us the longevity we want, I don’t know what will.

Do you have a big rider on tour and if so, do your support bands get jealous of all your swag?

We’ve cut down our rider quite a bit actually. We’re trying to keep it to the bare essentials to save wasting a lot of it every night. Saying that, if you saw it, you’d probably still think it was massive! Support bands don’t get jealous because we’re really nice and like to share everything all the time.

You’ll be touring off your new album, ‘Dirt’. Not too many people like dirt, so why will they like the album?

You’re wrong.  Everyone likes their ‘dirt’. In whatever way you read that as…But seriously, how could they not? You have heard it right? It’s awesome.

I read that the album was co-produced by Jason Perry of ‘A’ fame. How did that come about?

It was actually fully produced by Jason. He recorded a friend’s band and we thought he did a sterling job, so we met up with him and played him our songs. He was sold by the second note we played, and we got on really well. Six months, several trips to Essex, a trip to El Paso, and several more trips to Essex later, and the record was complete.

Finally, if you were threatened with death and the only way out of it was to duet with either Taylor Swift or Kanye West, who would you pick?

Well we’ve already done a duet with a girl, so I’d say Kanye and see what happens. Third album, look out!


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