Amy Muir



1. Flood Of Red. I took this at Sonisphere Festival last year. I’m good friends with the Flood Of Red boys, they were pretty much the first band that I ever photographed and we’ve supported each other over the years. The drummer Graham asked me to take a photo of the crowd with him and the rest of the band included. It had just started to pour with rain and everyone piled in the tent to see them play. They’re all great musicians and I felt very proud of them at that moment.

2. Bert McCracken portrait. I took this photo of Bert McCracken from the band The Used down in London last year for Big Cheese Magazine. It was inside the Garage venue, just after they had finished sound checking before the show. I did a few group shots and individual shots. Bert was so photogenic, so easy to photograph. I remember being really, really nervous (being a fan of the band) and the venue was boiling hot. My flash then refused to work with bass player Jeph Howard as he commented on my Tegan and Sara t-shirt which made me even more nervous!

3. Jordan Buckley, Warped Tour. In 2008, I spent six weeks in Canada and America travelling. I was lucky enough to photograph Warped Tour (something I’ve been dying to do for ages) for Alternative Press Magazine. This shot was taken at one of the three dates of Warped Tour I photographed at, in Elkton, Florida. I had the time of my life. I always love photographing Every Time I Die, they have so much energy and they always keep me on my toes with my camera. This is Jordan’s signature move, climbing on a speaker, thrusting his guitar in the air then jumping down.

4. The Drummer, The Secret Machines. This photo is probably my most well known one, is it also one of the first proper live photographs I took that I actually liked. It was taken in Moshulu (now Warehouse) in Aberdeen in 2006 on my (then) brand new Canon EOS 350D with a standard lens. I didn’t really know any of the Secret Machines material, I didn’t even have a photo pass. I just stood at the barrier and the lights were incredible. I don’t usually do a massive amount of editing on my photographs, but with this particular one, I virtually did not edit at all.

5. My Ruin portrait. I took this outside of the Cathouse in Glasgow, 2006 and was one of the first proper photo shoots I had done with a band. Tairrie B, the singer of My Ruin had contacted me after a friend of hers had recommended me. Tairrie was so lovely, and has kept in touch ever since saying that I’m one of her favourite photographers. I really appreciate this as she took a chance on me when I was only 19-years-old.  Also, it’s always nice to know the band that you’re photographing, you develop a nice connection.

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