Jack The Wolf

Photo credit: Eve Lewis


When, where and how did you guys first meet – and was it love at first sight?

(Iain Taylor, bass/vocals): Well, me and Gardner have been mates for about as long as I can remember – his Dad and my Dad grew up together and I’ve known him pretty much my whole life. Not long after I moved to Glasgow in late 2008, I bumped into him in town, we went for beers to catch up and somewhere between the 4th and 7th pint of Stella I somehow agreed to join a band with him and Les.

If you’re a fan of _ and _ then you will like Jack The Wolf. Fill in the blanks.

If you’re a fan of three-part vocal harmonies and drunk small-towners with no banter then you will like Jack the Wolf.

There are lots of great emerging bands in Scotland at the moment. How are you different than the rest?

We don’t really try to make a marked effort to be different to everyone else, we just try to make music that we like, that challenges and that excites us. We hope that some of the enthusiasm that we have for the sounds we make rubs off on the people who come to watch us.

Who is Jack?

It’s a secret.

Why should people come to your shows?

To find out Jack’s secret identity.

When’s the first release due to land?

Soon, hopefully! We’re in the process of recording a record just now, mostly just round at Les and Gardner’s flat, which we hope to have done soon. There’s some demos, rough mixes, and other assorted half finished stuff up on our Facebook page

Why did you start playing music and learning instruments in the first place?

I’ve played music since I was young. My Mum was a talented pianist and my Dad is a great guitarist, so I guess I’ve been lucky to come from a background where I’ve been encouraged to enjoy and participate in music. All of us in the band are multi-instrumentalists, and play and own a whole bunch of random instruments, so it’s nice to have that option of variety when we’re jamming and recording.

Can you name the one song that has had the biggest emotional effect on you? And why does it?

I’d hate to just narrow it down to one, or even to a few. For me, certain music and songs are always evocative of a certain place, time, or person, so the way that I feel about a song is almost always dependant on where I am when I hear it first.

You’re alone in a forest with no-one around for miles. You come across a wolf. Do you get scared and run away, or do you try to befriend it so you can have company?

I’d like to say I’d befriend it, or even that I’d run away. However, that sad truth is that I’d probably just panic and get eaten alive…

And finally, Jack or Jill?

Jack. No, wait. Jill. No, definitely Jack.



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