Living In Hiding

‘So thaaat’s what happens when you put a hamster in microwave’


When, where and how did you guys first meet?

(Robyn, vocals): I’ve been best friends with Grant for four years now, and I’ve known the rest of the guys through being in old bands and going to gigs.

If you’re a fan of _ and _ then you will like Living In Hiding. Fill in the blanks.

If you’re a fan of parties and hairspray then you will like Living In Hiding.

There’s lots of great emerging bands in Scotland at the moment. How are you different than the rest?

You tell me…

I believe you recorded with Matt O’ Grady [You Me At Six, Architects, The Blackout] down in London. How did that come about and how did it go?

Yeah, we recorded for a week at the end of March. It was a good experience for all of us and we’re more than happy with the end result. We’re putting up videos on our MySpace documenting our time down there to help fans get a feel of what we’re about.

You seem like an enthusiastic bunch. When’s the time going to come when your enthusiasm runs out and you would rather bin your guitars than play them?

Never. Music is a total constant.

Your promo photos sees you guys covered in silly string. Isn’t that bad for your hair?

See earlier answer – with the amount of hairspray we use, not really. It was a bit of a pain to wash out though! I think I found some in my hair three days later…

You’re a band playing rocky music with a female singer – you’re just gonna be compared to Paramore. The Daily Dose spoke to Flyleaf a few weeks ago, who also have this problem. Are Living In Hiding better than Paramore?

We know that this is something that’s going to happen – it’s inevitable and not something we’re concerned about. We just want to go play our music and have a good time.

When’s the first release due to land? Or has it landed already?…

We’re in our early stages and an official release isn’t in our very immediate plans. We just want as many people as possible to give us a listen and come party.

Let’s go all philosophical. Which is better: living in hiding, or hiding in living?

Does hiding in living even make sense? I’m going to go for option A.

And finally, hamsters or gerbils?

Neither – I have this weird thing with small furry animals. Sure they look cute but they’d be too easy to hoover up.


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