Please don’t hurt me…take my lunch money, I don’t care

Who? Azriel Where? Glasgow

Can you sum up Azriel in three words?

(Sean, bass): I think I’d say sick, rad and awesome. Or alternatively, melodic, heavy and intense.

Why should people take the time to check your music out?

People should take the time to check us out because unlike a lot of bands out there, we put everything into our music, we write songs that actually mean something to us, about experiences we have had. We are a band writing music that we absolutely love, not a band writing music to fit into a bracket.

Where did your name come from?

Well a lot of people think that it’s either the Angel of Death, or the cat from The Smurfs. Actually I’m pretty sure that it’s something from a book David was reading, but I think it was spelled Asrael or something like that. Let’s just go with The Smurfs thing.

You’re playing the Slam Dunk festival in London soon with the likes of New Found Glory and Alkaline Trio. Are you going to be the heaviest band there?

I doubt it. Our good friends Your Demise are playing on the same stage as us and they are heavy as fuck! Also Four Years Strong are pretty heavy so I don’t think we are gonna stick out too badly. All of us are super stoked on playing those shows though – there are some bands playing that we all love and it’s gonna be sick to play with them.

What makes a good metal band?

To be honest I’d say that regardless of what genre you are, it takes heart and passion to make any band good. I think that when bands are just churning out songs and writing lyrics about any old garbage it really shows. So I’d say that to make a good band you need determination and dedication, as well as talent and of course, some wicked sick riffs!

How healthy is the Scottish metal/hard rock scene at the moment?

I’d say it’s very up and down at the moment. If there’s a really good show with a few really good bands on it then turnouts are awesome – there’s been a few really busy shows recently. But sometimes unfortunately people are apathetic about smaller shows, and there are occasionally bad shows too. Although, the DIY ethic is good in Glasgow at the moment, a lot of kids are doing their own shows and releasing their own records, which is always good to see. It’s all about doing it for the love of the music.

What encouraged you to start listening to metal/hardcore in the first place?

All of us come from different backgrounds – some of us from punk bands, others from death metal bands and some even from pop music backgrounds. But all in all I think it was a natural transgression from bands like NOFX, Minor Threat, Hopesfall etc. I think for me the most attractive thing was that it seemed like a hardcore show was a place that you could get out all of your frustrations and anger, and watch bands that you could really relate to, bands full of people who were just like you, singing about things that you’ve gone through. This is something that I don’t feel I could find in any other scene and I hope that kids feel that way when they come to see us.

You’ve toured with guys like Bring Me The Horizon in the past. Are they ‘real’ metal or are the doubters out there just too quick to criticise them?

If I’m honest, I don’t think it matters whether they are ‘real’ metal or not. They are great guys and a great band. The fact of the matter is that as soon as a band gets popular or big, people immediately criticise them, saying that they’ve sold out or that they aren’t good anymore. I’m not sure if it’s jealousy or what, it just seems to be the way people are. They came from nothing and have become one of the biggest metal bands around at the moment, so I say well-fucking-done to them!

Metallica or Megadeth?

Metallica, it’s got to be!

And finally, fairy cakes or fairy lights?

Wow, a red herring. Emm, I’d say fairy cakes! Delicious.


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