‘So Jimmy, which one of these stole your ice-cream?’


When, where and how did you guys first meet?

(Bruce Rintoul, drums): Well, I’m the third drummer in the band – the rest of the guys probably met at some party situation in the mid 90’s which I was to young to be at. Their two old drummers moved back to Australia within a year so I was asked to join.

If you’re a fan of_ and_ then you will like Otherpeople. Fill in the blanks.

If you’re a fan of Balkan and blackouts you will like otherpeople

Are you proud to be part of the Scottish music scene?

Yeah, there is a great scene in Scotland just now there are loads of great opportunities for bands with stuff like Detour and Glasgow PodcART around.

What other bands plying their trade in the local scene have particularly impressed you?

I really like the band called Energy!…young guys but they have good tunes!

Where’s the favourite place you’ve played so far?

King Tut’s was a fun place to play – actually having any sort of noise through a drum monitor makes it a fun place.

When’s the first release going to land?

We are still working on that. Very very soon hopefully.

The band got kidnapped for Detour Scotland‘s third kidnap in which they took you off to play next to the Forth Rail Bridge. If you could kidnap anyone and make them play music in an odd location, who would it be and where?

I would definitely make Nirvana play in my flat or possibly At The Drive-In in my bathtub.

Your Myspace URL is ‘otherpeopleloveyou’. Do you really love us?

Nah, otherpeople do.

As well as playing the drums for Otherpeople, you’re also bass player. Why not play the guitar too? Or the banjo perhaps?

I do play a wee bit of guitar, and I do have a banjo but string that starts halfway up the fretboard scrambles my brains.



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