AFI: keeping Converse in business since 1991

AFI/ABC, Glasgow/08.04.10

You’re just about to tour the UK. Is it somewhere you enjoy playing?

Jade Puget (guitar): Yeah, we’ve been going there a long time and the shows have always been great there. It’s one of our favourite places to play overseas for sure.

Does Scotland hold any memories for you?

I think that was the first place I ever toured in Europe…we toured with The Offspring and that was the first stop of the tour, so that was my first experience of overseas ever. So yeah, played at the Barrowland many times.

Fine place, shame about the weather.

Yeah, it’s a little cold, y’know.

So you looking forward to coming to these shores then?

I always do. We have great shows there. It’s nice cause everyone speaks English so I can understand people and they can understand me, it’s very important.

So do you have communication problems when you play places like Japan for example?

Yeah, we just came back from Japan. Of course, I have no place to talk cause people in Japan speak English way better than I speak Japanese, so I guess it’s my fault.

Is the rest of Europe pretty enthused about the band too?

The mainland is fine, but we’re playing a lot of festivals there this trip. Obviously headlining shows are more fun to play.

So you’re not too big a fan of playing festivals?

Well I mean it can be fun – we have just come back from Australia playing a festival. But sometimes you’re playing during the day, or it’s hot, so it’s not the best environment.

Finally, if you were threatened with death and the only way out of it was to duet with either Britney Spears or Lady Gaga, who would you pick?

Hmm, probably Britney Spears – I think she lives in the same town as she does. It’d be really convenient. She has some pretty good tunes, but when you’re a pop artist you basically have everyone in the world writing for you. You have some of the best pop song writers all writing for you, so you can’t help having some good songs. In fact, I respect Lady Gaga because she writes her own music, which for a pop artist – and one as big as her – is pretty impressive. You’ve gotta give her something for that.


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