Eat Dr. Ape

Eat Dr. Ape, featuring a man with a brick pillar for a left arm


When, where and how did you guys first meet?

We met in 2008 when we all started studying music at Perth College.  The band members are: Chris (vocals and guitar), Jamie (lead guitar), JP (bass) and John (drums).

If you’re a fan of _ and _ then you will like Eat Dr. Ape. Fill in the blanks.

If you’re a fan of Incubus and other alternative bands then you will like Eat Dr. Ape.

There’s lots of great emerging bands in Scotland at the moment. How are you different than the rest?

We’re an unorthodox band.  All four of us have different influences and playing styles, but we love what each other does musically and manage to get along and use this to our advantage. Our drummer takes influences from drum and bass, heavy metal, and world music (without being electronic); our bassist is originally a drummer and is influenced by funk and reggae music; our lead guitarist is influenced by progressive rock and funky, riff based guitar melodies, and our singer plays finger-style guitar influenced by jazz and classical music, whilst his vocals are influenced by rock, blues and pop music. This makes all of our songs sound different from each other and from other current artists.

Are you proud to be part of the Scottish music scene?

Yeah, and with the Scottish music scene getting bigger and becoming more respected, we’re glad to be a part of it.  We’re all proud to be Scottish anyway.

What other bands plying their trade in the local scene have particularly impressed you?

Our Future Glory from Dundee were fantastic and Mickey 9s from Glasgow were very, very entertaining.  Couldn’t take our eyes off the show.

And are there many that haven’t impressed you, or would you rather not say?

We’d rather not say to be honest, but from the shortlist we’ve just made of impressive bands, you can gather that there hasn’t been many bands that have taken our breath away.

You’re based in Perth. A little while away from Glasgow and Edinburgh, do you feel on the fringes of the Scottish music scene?

Perth’s music scene is almost non-existent but it’s where the home is! It’s pretty much bang in the middle of all the major cities so it’s not hard to get to where we need to go. The Glasgow music scene is our favourite – plenty of good venues, good crowds, and there’s a lot going on all of the time. (CATHOUSE!)

You’ve got an album, ‘Love & Lust in Wonderland’, coming out on May 1st. How does it compare to your previous material?

We released our other EP ‘Mind, Heart & Soul’ through iTunes last year and this year we wanted to go all out and record a seven track album.  It’s a little darker than our last album, with the lyrics depicting tales of dreams and insanity, and an unconventional love theme.

Why should people invest their time and money into purchasing a copy?

It’s going to be released on May 1st – only 50 copies of the album are being made and from then on they’ll be sold through iTunes, Amazon, Dropcards etc.  We’re not charging a fortune so it’s worth the money.  As for the music itself, everybody wants to hear something different, and we think we’ve got that sussed.

Where did the name Eat Dr. Ape come from?

It’s a long story! Our name was ‘Beat Dr. Ape’ when we made the band. We wanted a unique name, and our first song was about an evil superhero monkey. But one of the business students at college didn’t understand what we were saying on the phone, and just put it down as ‘Eat Dr. Ape’ on the poster for a gig. People at college started going around talking about our gig and spread that name about, and people kept saying ‘Eat Dr. Ape are amazing’, so we kept it – dunno why, it still makes no sense. We like the name more now, because even if promoters haven’t heard our music, they make us headline gigs because they like the name. It’s happened a few times so can’t complain. It’s also the first thing/only thing to come up on a Google search of Eat Dr. Ape…

Who’s the most ape-like in the band?

JP – he’s the hairiest!

Which do you prefer – apes or chimpanzees?

Baboons actually…they have sexy arses.


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