Madina Lake

Singlehandedly holeing the o-zone layer via hairspray

Madina Lake/Glasgow Garage/01.04.10

You’re playing at the Glasgow Garage on Thursday night. What should the crowd expect and will they get their money’s worth?

Matthew Leone (bass): Of all the bands I loved growing up, I can always pinpoint the most exciting ‘live’ phase of their career in which, for whatever reason, better or worse, the band was electrifying. Be it fuelled by tragedy, triumph, addiction, success, failure, anxiety, elation, or any combination of the above, something made the shows remarkable. I think this is where Madina Lake is, so the short answer is…yes!

Also on the bill are English upstarts We Are The Ocean. You a fan of the band?

They are new to us and from what we know so far, absolutely.

Does Scotland hold many memories for you or is it just another stop-off on the tour?

The first show we ever had a sell out crowd for was at the Garage in Glasgow. The audience exuded immeasurable energy, zero inhibition and a level of class that is hard to rival. It is incredibly special to us!

Will you be indulging in some of Scotland‘s local delicacies? Some deep fried pizza washed down with some Irn-Bru maybe?

We’re from Chicago – deep dish pizza is our jam too, I think we’re sister cities. The Irn-Bru is too tough on me system, I’ll stick to some Scottish whiskey!

Do you have a big rider on tour and if so, do your support bands get jealous of all your swag?

Our rider literally reads ‘Beer, vodka, water and some shit to eat’. I think we’ll be munching off of the support’s rider!

You’re currently beavering away with the ‘The Dresden Codex EP’. How does the record sound?

So far it sounds like if Brian Eno and Trent Reznor went for a dance at a popular nightclub.

The EP is about Mayan astrology. Does that sort of thing excite you?

Yes, but not in a mass hysteria, cosmic conspiratorial way, but more in a ‘wow, there’s a lot of dot connecting that can be done throughout history and is time linear or circular and I wonder what we’ll get to see in this lifetime’ type of way.

Finally, if you were threatened with death and the only way out of it was to duet with either Celine Dion or Barbara Streisand, who would you pick?

Haha – death suddenly doesn’t seem so scary!


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