Cerebral Bore

Cerebral Bore: Cats Protection League‘s Fundraisers of the Year 2009

Who? Cebebral Bore. Where? Glasgow

Can you describe Cerebral Bore in three words?

Paul (guitar): Buckfast, snout, kebabs.

Why should people take the time to check your music out?

Cos we need all the attention we can get. It’s not easy being unsigned and doing as much as we do!

Your upcoming gig itinerary includes a vast number of European dates, but no Scottish dates. Is your music better received outwith Scotland, and if so, why is that?

We played a lot of Scottish shows when we first started out, but it’s easy to be a big fish in a small pond. We see plenty of metal bands do that in Scotland – bands who have been going for more than a decade. We never wanted to turn out that way. We always wanted to go everywhere else cos it keeps you grounded and you end up playing with amazing bands who keep you constantly reminded that you NEED to work hard and keep getting better at everything from song writing to playing. And that’s something we weren’t getting from the Scottish scene.

What’s the name of your favourite song to play in the band and why do you enjoy playing it?

Personally I don’t have a favourite song to play…certainly not at band rehearsals. Gets boring really quick, but then we play the same shit live and I love playing it. But yeah, they’re all the same to me.

What makes a good metal band?

In my own opinion, I’d say catchy riffs, solid drumming, good sense of humour and not taking yourself too seriously.

Do you feel metal music and the people playing metal get tossed aside too often in today’s music scene?

If anything I’d say that this happens less now than it ever has, but it’s not easy to listen to and most people are spoon fed their favourite music so it’s to be expected I guess.

What encouraged you to start listening to metal in the first place?

No-one ever took me aside and got me into it. I had a cousin who was into metal when I was growing up and I actually asked him myself to make me some tapes for listening to whilst rollerblading around my hometown when I was about 10 years old.

What other Scottish metal bands have impressed you?

There haven’t been many to be honest, but the ones who inspired me to do what I’m doing range from bands like Man Must Die to Madman Is Absolute. They always put on professional, full-on performances which made them stand out from the ocean of crap floating around. Recently I haven’t heard anything new that’s made an impression apart from Scordatura.

It doesn’t seem like many in the band have long hair. Does this dispel the myth that long locks is the source of the metalhead’s powers?

We only have one member with long hair, but besides our drummer, we have all had and cut off our long hair. I’d say that there’s a certain level of insecurity in some metal fans that makes them think that you NEED to look and act metal as fuck or you won’t be accepted, which is bullshit. I actually hate the metal mentality. It’s a scene full of people who seem to think that they’re alternative and open minded as fuck, although 90% of them will only listen to metal and keep any other musical interests a secret and wouldn’t dare mention them to their metal-as-fuck pals. Not me – I’m a George Michael fan, and proud of it.

Fluffy kittens or fluttering butterflies?

Kittens for definite!



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