Thomas Bisset



Equipment: “For gig work, I’ve got a Sony Alpha 700, used with a Sigma 30mm f1.4 and a Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 lens. I’m pretty sure 4 of the 5 shots you see here were with the 30mm, whilst the Editors one was with the Tamron.”

1: “The band in this photo are Stolen Order, a hard-rock group based around the Alness area for the most part. In what was probably the oddest booking in the world, they managed to get to support Wishbone Ash when their tour took them to the Inverness Ironworks. Despite the crowd being completely non-receptive to the music, they played on as if they were headlining the Download Festival and I managed to get a number of good shots that night. It’s probably my favourite shot of the band in a live environment.”

2: “Ketimine Deco have also played alongside Stolen Order on a few occasions. This type of shot’s almost becoming a bit of a trademark with me – there’s always at least one or two shots featuring more of the light’s than the performers, giving a kind-of minimalist look to them. I like them; not many others seem to though.”

3: “Airbourne were my first established band in my portfolio. I got some good shots that night, but I reckon that was at the expense of my hearing!”

4: “This was the first promotional shoot I’d ever done, and despite getting loads of images the band were happy with, this one was probably the only one I liked. Annoyingly, one of the guitarists left the band a few weeks after this was taken, rendering all the shots that day completely and utterly pointless. Still, it was a fantastic location to work in, and one I’d like to return to – only next time, I’ll probably get the landowner’s permission to save having to explain what I’m doing to the police again…”

5: “One of the shots from the last concert I attended, this is of Tom Smith from the Editors when they played the sold-out Ironworks gig in March 2010. The photopass for that one was confirmed around lunchtime on the day of the gig, so I was as high as a kid on blue Smarties for the rest of the day, much to dismay of all my day-job colleagues who all but gagged me to try and get me to shut the hell up about it. Between them and Ocean Colour Scene in February, 2010 started well – I just hope it continues in much the same way.”

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