The Internet’s a lovely place, full of pictures of funny cats and videos of girls and cups, but it’s a hotbed for Scottish music too. Check out some of these links for some musical treats emanating from Scotland…

1. Free stuff! Check out this live session from SXSW attendees St. Deluxe from Glasgow PodcART’s birthday gig a few weeks back: Click me

2. Even more free streaming! Preview Super Adventure Club‘s zombie-themed new album with the brand spanking track ‘Nosferatu’, which goes a long way to show why they’re one of Scotland’s brightest and oddest bands around: Click me please

Super Adventure Club: bringing the sunburnt arm look back into fashion

3. Visual content! Pearl And The Puppets release video for ‘Because I Do’. Windowy. Here

4. New tours! Motorhead announce their ‘Zimmerframes and Zeitgeist’ tour, which will hit Aberdeen and Glasgow in November, our very own Teenage Fanclub will say hi to Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow in June and US spazz metallers Converge will zoom up the motorway and park themselves at the Glasgow Garage on the 14th July.


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