Their pink clothes were in the wash

Flyleaf/King Tut’s, Glasgow/27.03.10

You’re playing at Glasgow‘s King Tut’s on Saturday night. What should the crowd expect and will they get their money’s worth?

Lacey (lead vocals) & Sameer (lead guitar): Our shows are usually loud, and Pat will probably spit on someone, with all due respect and love. Hopefully.

King Tut’s has just celebrated its 20th anniversary and has hosted numerous legendary acts. What are the chances of Flyleaf celebrating 20 years of existence?

You never know what is going to happen tomorrow, but today we are almost half way there.

Does Scotland hold many memories for you or is it just another stop-off on the tour?

Whilst touring with Korn and later Stonesour, both shows in Glasgow had the loudest audiences we’ve ever heard outside of a pop-radio show we did in New York with Miley Cyrus. (Yes, it was scary)

Will you be indulging in some of Scotland‘s local delicacies? Haggis? Deep fried pizza washed down with some Irn-Bru maybe? (Google is your friend!)

We try our best to eat local food wherever we are. But lately a lot of us have been throwing up, so depending on how long that lasts we may just stick to toast and chamomile tea in our dressing room.

Each member of the band is a Christian. How do you feel touring in a genre of music that’s associated with lurid temptations?

You think those temptations don’t exist in a church somewhere? I don’t know what church you’ve been to, but as far as I know the only place outside of temptation is Heaven and Hell, and since we live here it doesn’t seem that much different. Jesus loves people in the church, and he loves people in the bar, both of them have problems and need God’s love.

You’re touring off the ‘Memento Mori’ album. It’s a pretty good record, but are you bored of playing the tunes yet? Wouldn’t you rather be sitting at home with some cocoa than be playing songs like ‘Again’…again and again?

Do you get bored asking bands the same questions over and over again? Hopefully you get different responses and that makes your job interesting, and it’s the same with us. The responses are different everywhere and that is one of the things that changes the show every night. Only boring people get bored.

Your debut album went platinum in America, but it doesn’t seem like you’ve cracked the UK yet. When will that time come?

There is a beautiful girl named Chloe that we met when were here in the UK the first time. She says we inspired her, but she inspired us. Our goal wasn’t ever to go platinum, but to just do something honest, and if it effects people the way that it did Chloe, then we’ve cracked the UK in the only way we really care about. So far we have seen that happen and we thank God for it.

Having a female singer and playing the music that you do, you’re going to be compared to Paramore. How do you deal with this?

Who’s Paramore?

Finally, if you were threatened with death and the only way out of it was to duet with either Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys fame or his little brother Aaron, who would you pick?

I don’t know those guys but a death threat is not the best way to manipulate me into doing something…Like Paul said, “to live is Christ, to die is gain” (Google is your friend!)


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